Shop assistant: Hello.

Ani: Hi.

Shop assistant: Can I help you?

Ani: Yes, please! I want to buy a dress for my birthday party.

Shop assistant: We have lots of colors: black, red, pink, white and orange. What color would you like?

Ani: Red please. Can I try it on?

Shop assistant: Yes, of course.

Ani: Oh, it is big for me. Can you give me a size smaller?

Shop assistant: Yes, here you are.

Ani: It`s beautiful. I like it. How much is it?

Shop assistant: 20,000 AMD.

Ani: It is expensive, I would like a cheaper one, but I like it, so I will buy it.

Shop assistant: How will you pay it?

Ani: By cash. Here is 20,000 AMD.

Shop assistant: Thank you, good-bye.

Ani: Good-bye!

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